Application and the fee


1. Reception
  1. Read the pledge. Confirm and fill out the applicaition form and sign it.
  2. Read the driving notification.

( Please don't hesitate to ask when you have a question. )
over the age of 18

2. Preparation
  1. Wear sneakers, long pants, long sleeve seawt shirt, gloves and helmet. To get in the kart, put your foot on the seat and put the other foot on the pedal as you get in and sit in.
  2. Explanation of controls.
    a. Check the break pedal.
    b. Check the acceleration pedal.
    c. Check the steering.
    d. Other things as needed.
3. Toward the course.
  1. Run slowly through the pit road and go on to the course.
  2. During the first lap, try to learn the course and the way to control the kart. From the second lap, build up speed gradually.
  3. The secret of driving fast is to go slow in and fast out at the corners.
4. Last lap
  1. When you see the signal for last lap, you get out of the course through the designated way to the pit. Slow down your kart at the indicated place.
5. Getting of the kart.
  1. Grab the top of the seat back with both hands and get to your feet, because the engine chamber will be very hot.
  2. Take off your gloves and helmet after you get off the kart.


  1. You must not run off the course on purpose.
  2. As the course is one way, Please don't run in the opposite direction.
  3. When you get back onto the course, other drivers have priority. Please be careful.

Damage to the machine due to deliberately reckless driving will result in your haning to pay for the damages.

The charge for rental karts. ( J-cart) 7 lap (aprx. 5 Km) 2860or 21(Include the TAX)