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Race regulations

2024Rental kart race



























Reception: Start at 9:00AM~9:30AM        Place:   Yanai sport land

Application should be submitted a week before the race day (stop acceptance when applicants reach the limit.

Race Contents: Class: KT100J, (for foreigners)

The drivers are expected to wear a jump suit possibly, or thick sweater shirts are available.

1.    Entry by one driver (sprint race)

2.    Fill out the application paper and submit before the designated day or send by mail, facsimile, e-mail.

3.     Entry fee. One team \8800 (US$60 including Tax ,accept including rental kart fee) is required .Helmet\300(us$2),with gloves,helmet inn

4.    The maximum entry numbers is 15 and entry application will be closed when it reaches the limit.

5.    The recruiting number is 24 teams.

Rental kart Race schedule.

Official Practice; Practice run will be held for minutes  (about 7~9 laps

Time Trails: Check the two lap.

Preliminary Heat (7 laps)

Final Heat (12 laps)

Ceremony giving prize. 

Race procedures

1. Official Practice (7minuts about 79 laps

 Before racing commences, a definite period of time is allocated to practicing, which each driver must complete. All regulations and requirements applicable to racing except for the starting procedure will apply to practice as well.

2. Time Trials (check the two lap time.

 All drivers must take part in qualifying time trials to determine their grid positions for various races or qualifying heats.

3, Preliminary Heat (7 laps)

4, Final Heat (12 laps)

5. A prize-given ceremony for winner.

6. Starting Grid

 For each race all karts shall stand in two rows.

7. Start

 Each start will be made standing.

8. Race Rules

    A driver once committed to a line through a corner or bend shall have the right of way over any other driver who may wish or try to overtake.  A driver must always be prepared for another kart to pass, and must therefore be on the look-out for the approach from behind of other vehicles.

    Any conduct deemed foul or unsportsmanlike in the judgement of track marshals (pushing, blocking, etc.) will result in a penalty.

If such a conduct is committed more than twice, the driver in question will be subject to immediate disqualification.

    During competition, it is expressly forbidden to drive or push a kart on the track at any time or under any condition in the direction opposite to that in which the race is being run.

    While racing, driver must not make any short cut at any time by deviating from his course, except for unavoidable reasons.

    The driver who retired on the track shall immediately take his kart to such a place as not to constitute a danger for other competitors.

He and his kart shall then stand by until racing is finished.

    Any kart involved in an accident may be stopped by officials for inspection.

    A kart or driver which is considered to be improper or unsafe will be excluded from competition.

9. Official signals

A)    Flags

a)    The following flags will be used:

b)    National flag: To signal the start of race

c)    Green flag: False start

d)    Blue flag: Shown to drivers who are being lapped.

*Stationary __you are being lapped, keep your line.

*Waved __a competitor wishs to overtake you. Let him pass.

      e) Yellow flag: Danger, slow down, it is forbidden to overtake.

*Stationary __Extremely dangerous.

*Waved __Be ready to stop.

f) Black flag with orange disc and number: Stop for a technical defect. The driver may continue after making a repair.

 g) Black flag with number: The driver in question must immediately go to the pit, and then present himself to the Clerk of the course.

 h) Red flag: Complete and absolute stop.

i) Black and white: chequered flag: The finish of a race.


10. Determination of Final Placings

 Final placings will be determined by the number of laps completed by drivers classified as finishers. In the case of ties,final placings will be decided according to the order of passing the finish line. 


11.Usage of any fire is prohibited in the pit nor paddock.

12.Other things will be announced on the day.


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