Rental karts

The kinds of karts.

J car

Engine: Yamaha(Japan)KT100J    2 cycle air cooled 100cc.

Frame: CRG,Birel(Italy)
Tire: slick tire
Maximum speed:80Km/h  
Aim time: 45 seconds some.

Conditions to rent karts.

1Over the age of 18.
2.Height over 150 cm.
(under aged rivers should be accompanied by parents and have signed permission slips.)


1.Long pants, sleeves(sweat like materials)
2.Shoes for athletic sneaker with thin soles.  Heeled shoes or sandal are prohibited.

   Helmets and gloves are equipped.  (you may use your own.) 

Participation will be refused if.

1.A person is under influence of alcohol or drugs.
2.A person does not follow the regulations.
3.A person drives in a reckless or dangerous manner.
@ Drives off course on purpose.
A Incautious passing.
B Dangerous competitive driving.

Notification in driving.

1.A person who drives in Yanai Sport Land should run slowly for the firstlap.confirming the operation of the kart and build up the speed gradually in the second lap.
2.If you spin often that will make the 2 cycle engine work less powerfully.
3.If you feel uneasy while driving , please , get off the course to stop.
4.If you feel something wrong with the karts, please, stop immediately or get in the pit.
5. The course is one way in direction, running opposite direction is very dangerous.

Notification of operation.

1. The cart doesn't have a gearshift.
Left foot(left side)・・・・break pedal・・・・・・step on it hard to stop.
Right foot(right side)・・・・acceleration pedal・・・・・・operate slowly and control the speed.

2. Grip the steering wheel firmly.  Even a little movement makes it possible to turn any corners, therefore you don't need to change the gripping position. Please never let go off the steering wheel in any case.

3. Due to the two-cycle engine, it has less power with sudden acceleration, it stops for spinning or extremely slow driving.  Operate the acceleration pedal slowly and gently.  In case the engine powers down, release the acceleration a little to wait the power to recover and run normally.

Warning !!
When you drive with other karts, racing is severely prohibited.  Passing may be dangerous. pass so as to avoid colliding and turning over.

To attendance

Warning !!
As with mortar sport, there is some danger.  Please stay away  from the restricted area.  Even though you're involved in an accident in the facility, we are'nt responsible for them at all, even if caused by the facility.  Please keep that on your mind when you decide to use our facilities.

The charge for rental karts.

7  laps(aprx.  5Km) ¥2860(Include the TAX) or?$21
 twice in advance ¥5500 or $40

With own karts.

¥5500(a kart and a driver)   all day (10:00〜17:00)
¥2200 per subdriver.